Transportation Forensics

Transportation Forensics

DPS TECHNICAL ,Inc.  has a unique possition within the specialty transportation industry.

Vehicle Sound Testing, ATV Pitch Stability, FMVSS Inspections, GPS / Video Mapping and forensic animation support.

We provide full service support for investigation and litigation with a specialty for transportation cases.  We provide comprehensive investigative services, full scale re-enactments, computer-assisted scene documentation and a complete menu of demonstrative evidence services.

Our offices are located at Cable Business Park at Cable Airport in Upland, CA – the largest privately owned airport in the world. Our facilities permit us to recreate and test vehicle motions and braking as well as doing sophisticated sound and illumination testing. Moreover, our mobile forensics unit allows us to operate in the field to investigate and document collision scenes and accident sites while having full panoply of film, photographic, GPS and other technical services.

Our vast experience and reputation specifically with motorcycles, (Street Motorcycles, Off Highway Vehicles, All Terrain Vehicles ATVs and Multi Use Vehicles MUVs) is a tool that can be utilized to promptly review an accident location, as well as the vehicles involved and to be a qualified member of the first response documentation team.

Our services include site inspections that give a detailed overview of the accident location with measurements, diagrams, photographs, evidence collection and video of the location from various perspectives.

We are well equipped to respond quickly and to provide a summary review of the location that gives the reconstruction and investigation team much of the information that they need prior to visiting the remote accident location.  We have the ability to complete an accurate accident scene measurement and informational report that not only gives photos of the scene, the skid marks and vehicle damage, but also accurate video from the various viewpoints of those involved.  With this information the accident reconstruction team can determine speed and the probable contributing factors of the incident.

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Dedicated vehicles

Driver / Rider’s point of view

Road conditions, exact location & speed