As of March 1, 2020 DPS Technical Inc., suspended many of our in person and consumer activities. We have adapted to meeting the challenges that our OEM and Regulatory clients are experiencing and remain committed to serving their needs.

Our civilian technical inspector, law enforcement and environmental management education classes, on location training, lectures and global community outreach activities have been suspended as mandated by Federal and State Regulations.

We are committed to conforming to required social distancing guidelines and have safety protocol methods in place for our non public engineering activities and site assessments, dispersed setting training classes, and proficiency verification.

Our commitment continues to our customers and industry. We will continue to adapt our technical and engineering services to serve our customers in an efficient manner and we will resume public activities when permitted.

Activities related to “in person” sound monitoring in conjunction with public recreational activities, workplace measurements including motorsports, music festivals, and outdoor transportation related functions have been modified or suspended and replaced with automated e-versions when possible.

To continue to provide sound or environmental monitoring we have expanded our remote monitoring functions, this includes the “Our Place Sound Review”, “Know Before You Go, and Track Compliance.

Our civic involvement and training classes have evolved to a web based series of lectures and webinars and expanded e-learning, while trade shows, open houses and participation in other gatherings have been postponed indefinitely.

Thank you for your continued support.

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