ECM Setup Sheet

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1) Select year and model of your Honda CRF motorcycle: *

2) Complete these sentences:

The tuning would be great if the bike did the following better: *
What does the bike do now that you really like? *

4) Complete these:

I want more: *
I want less: *
I want the bike to respond to revving: *
3) Special power delivery requests: *
5) Rider performance level: *
Age: *
Class: *
6) Type of Track: *
Typical Track Surface: *
Name of track: *
Nearest city: *
7) Any stalling experienced? *
If yes, confirm: Idle (Recommended idle when hot: 1,800-2000 RPM)
Does the bike have an Automatic Clutch? *
8) Does bike have an aftermarket exhaust? *
Does the bike backfire? *
9) Does the “kill button” light blink when the engine is running? *
If yes, how many times does it blink?
10) Is the engine modified? *
If yes, what has been done?
11) Is this the original Electronic Control Module (ECM)? *

Once submitted, you will be taken to our DPS Store for payment. Your card will not be charged until we receive your ECM.

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