Vehicle Testing

Vehicle Noise

DPS Technical is well qualified and experienced to perform all modes of vehicle noise emission testing procedures. Primary acoustic testing is for exterior noise measurements of vehicles and components.

Our abilities and instrumentation enable us to perform both static (stationary) and dynamic (pass by) vehicle sound measurements utilizing fully calibrated “evidence” level equipment.

The testing conforms to guidelines as specified by EPA, TransportCanada, EC, Mexico and EU for all motor vehicles, ATVs, Mopeds, Scooters, Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks and Multi Use Vehicles etc.

All testing is performed in accordance with SAE or ISO methodology and suitable for use as summary of evidence for international vehicle and component certification.

Testing procedures utilized are as specified in the United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) and suitable for EPA and Canadian certification and international homologation purposes.

The DPS test facility is compliant with vehicle sound testing site requirements as specified in EPA regulations 40 CFR 205, Subparts D, E, as well as in EU Directive 97/24/EC Annex VII, Physical Size, Acoustic Absorption and Texture Depth, etc.

Our specialized Noise Enforcement training module is a resource for individuals and communities to study and accurately measure “in use” motor vehicle sound levels such as Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Watercraft, Cars, Trucks, etc.

Our sound measuring support program includes the ability to supply and performance-verify and calibrate vehicle sound measuring equipment.

Our Field sound measuring experience allows us to participate in noise measuring projects from recreational sources, industrial sources and to perform noise control outreach.

Vehicle testing, stationary & pass by

Environmental sound measuring and specific noise source control

 ATV / MUV Specific Testing

Pitch Stability Testing is available as specified by CPSC, SVIA for regional safety regulation compliance.

This testing conforms to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) testing procedures for small and mid size ATVs and MUVs.

Our testing capability include, parking brake, pitch/tip over testing for larger multi purpose vehicles and accessories.

This testing is also beneficial for stability evaluations of vehicles fitted with accessory components. (Turn radius, maximum speed and other test perimeters available.)

Motorcycle & Scooter Brake Testing

NHTSA / DOT brake testing” FMVSS 122 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 122)

DPS Technical has the facility to perform regulation compliant motorcycle brake testing on most motorcycles and scooters.

Kickstand Retraction testing is available. (Cost dependant upon vehicle)

FMVSS Inspections

DPS Technical is qualified to provide inspection assistance and FMVSS reports for Motorcycles, ATVs / All Terrain Vehicles, MUV / Multi Use Vehicles.

FMVSS Motorcycle Sections:

106 Brake Hoses      108 Lights          111 Mirrors        116 Brake Fluids     119 Tires     120 Rims
122 Brake Systems  123 Controls     205 Windscreens

Exhaust System Testing

DPS Technical performs “in use” exhaust system component testing for noise. This service monitors durability and degradation of exhaust emission systems.

DPS Technical performs United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) United States Forest Service (USFS) spark arrestor inspections and US governmental application submissions.


Recall Assistance

DPS Technical is structured to assist manufacturers with product recall campaigns.  Our abilities include administrative & logistical assistance such as customer & NHTSA notifications, media correspondence, product shipping, service location coordination.