King of the Motos – 2012


RE: 2012 King Of The Motos                                                     February 8/9, 2012

In conjunction with the King of the Hammer’s off road event an extreme off road motorcycle race took place, “King of The Moto’s”.  This race was by invitation only and was attended by many of the top international off road racers.  For information on the KOH event visit  This is truly an amazing world class special off road event.

DPS Technical provided environmental protection and technical inspection for the 2012 King Of The Motos extreme off road motorcycle event.

As one of the service providers we performed the sound check and spark arrestor inspection portion of the technical inspection on each motorcycle and coordinated the remote fueling areas.

Technical inspection was held in the K.O.M sign in area.  Each motorcycle entered received a vehicle inspection that included a visual inspection of safety related components and controls.  We performed an inspection of the muffler and spark arrestor and conducted an SAE J1287 stationary sound test (96 dBA Maximum limit).  No vehicles were allowed to start without passing technical inspection.

At the conclusion of the event finishing motorcycles were inspected for compliance.  Our inspection noted that none of the motorcycles had been tampered with and all were found to be in compliance.

As part of our service we instructed each rider on the required remote pit stop fueling procedure.  We also provided verbal instructions to each fuel pit team and provided written instructions and the procedure for each Pit Captain on how the fuel area was to be setup and managed.

I personally visited a fuel pit area and observed the fueling areas and I am satisfied that the fuel areas were properly managed.  It should be noted that land management staff also viewed several of the fueling areas and observed the procedures and had no negative comments.

I am looking forward to next year.

Chris F. Real, CLS
President, DPS Technical, Inc.

Spark Arrestor Inspection                      (Performed by Chris Real)

  • Visual inspection and probe check. Qualified USFS / USDA Spark arrestors only.

Sound Test                                              (Performed by Chris Real)

  • SAE J1287 (20” Method) 96 dBA Maximum to start. Instruments were calibrated ANSI Type 1 instruments.

KingMoto1 KingMoto2


Fuel Staging & staff training area.


Fuel Stop


Rider’s procedure meeting.

 Additional photos can be found in our album
King of the Motos 2012