ECM Removal

Honda Engine Control Module Removal

Removing the Honda Engine Control Module (ECM) is an easy task. The module on 2009 -2013 models is straight forward and does not require special tools.
On the 2013 CRF 450R and 2014 CRF 250R the ECM is located on the left side of the frame, near the air box and just above the chain.

For the 2014 CRF 450R and 2014 CRF 250R and later motorcycles, removal of the ECM is possible by following these steps:

  1. Remove shock
  2. Unplug ECM
  3. Slide ECM out of rubber housing

All of the Fuel Injected CRF “R” / Closed Course Racing models have a reprogrammable ECM.
Emission controlled motorcycles have a locked ECM and recalibrating these modules is not a service that is provided by DPS Technical.

Removal Instructions

To remove the ECM on 2009 – 2012 CRF 250R / CRF 450R, and 2013 CRF 250R motorcycles follow these instructions.

  1. Remove the seat. (10mm bolts)
  2. Remove the fuel tank. (8mm bolts)
  3. Remove the 2 allen head bolts holding the ECM bracket.  This bracket is located at the base of the fuel tank.
    3-ECM_support_bracket 2-ECM_mounted
  4. UnPlug the ECM from the wiring harness taking care not to damage the connection pins.
    The connector pins are fragile and cannot be repaired.  If they are broken, a new ECM costs approximately $500!
    4-ECM_removal 5-Unplugging_ECM
  5. When the ECM has been removed, wrap the module in packing material and send it in to:

    DPS Technical, Inc.
    Motorsports Division
    8327 La Senda Road
    Alta Loma, CA  91701

    Be sure to fully complete the ECM Setup Sheet .
    Once submitted, your information will be forwarded to DPS, awaiting receipt of your ECM.
    6-ECM 7-Shipping_ECM


  • Fill out the ECM Setup Sheet. We have developed many racing use settings, ranging from Outdoor Motocross, Supercross, Arena Cross, GNCC etc.
    Please let us know how you ride so that we can give you the best setting for your application.
  • Use a marker or an address label and put your name on the ECM, fill out the shipping information.
  • Wrap the ECM in packing material and send it to us: DPS Technical, Inc., Motorsports Division, 8327 La Senda Road, Alta Loma, CA  91701. 
    Priority Mail is OK and is the lowest shipping cost ($6), but only $50 insurance.
    Fed Ex or UPS allows full insurance and tracking information.
    If you want us to ship it back any way other than Priority Mail, include a pre-paid pick-up slip.
    When we ship items back Priority Mail / Signature Required / Insured, we pay the postage, but we are not responsible for lost packages.
    We will have your ECM for about 2-3 days. Please plan on the shipping time if you need to ride soon.
  • Be sure to include your payment of $99.95 (check or money order).
    If you prefer to us a credit card, please use our secure on-line payment option at


  • After you get your ECM back and if for any reason you want the bike set back to stock, we will do this at no charge, you just pay the shipping and insurance.
    If you want a different setting, we will do this ONE time for $55, and the adjusted setting MUST be done within 30 days of us recalibrating the ECM.
    This only applies to the EXACT ECM that we recalibrated.  The setting options are back to Factory Stock or one of our other performance settings.
  • In the event you want multiple ECMs adjusted (recalibrated), we offer a 20% discount, however they must be sent in within 30 days of the first recalibration.
  • Caution #1… ECMs are not compatible with different year or models of motorcycles.
    As an example, a 2009 CRF 450R ECM is not compatible with another year or model of motorcycle.
    Honda ECMs and Kawasaki ECMs are not interchangeable.
    Refer to the parts manual and part number on the ECM to determine the motorcycle model and year that the ECM fits.
    NOTE:  We will not recalibrate an ECM that does not have the model information decal on it.
  • Caution #2…We are seeing many EBay ECMs being sent to us for diagnostic or checking.
    If the ECM has broken connector pins or does not “wake up” when we put it on our calibration bench please know that we cannot fix a “dead box”.
    This will be returned via Priority Mail and a minimum $20 diagnostic fee will be charged.



This racing service is NOT part of American Honda Motor Co,. Inc. 
DPS Technical, Inc. is an independent organization providing specialty services to the motorsports community.