DPS Technical, Inc.

Technical Resources –

In our Client resource library we have supplied overviews related to technical papers, noise studies, test standards, testing methodology, sound measuring equipment  guidance, mitigation and enforcement strategies including code enforcement and evidence level measurement methodology.

This library requires a subscription and approval to utilize.

General Informational Webinars,  Presentations & Pod Casts

  • Chainsaw Fuel Geysering
  • Tech Talk Taco Tuesday – Hanging out with Jimmy Lewis Dirt Bike Test – talking Fuels and History, Vehicle Certification –do you want a number plate or a license plate?
  • Adventure Rider Radio – Gasoline, Pain at the Pump
  • NOHVCC – Sound Management for Noise Control
  • NOHVCC – Spark Arresters, Past Present and Future
  • Surf League – Big Waves, small villages and clean oceans

Community Involvement & Historic Reprints

American Motorcyclist Association

American Motorcyclist Magazine

Arizona Roddin’ and Ridin’

Auto Week Magazine


Cycle Magazine

Cycle News

Dealer News

Dirt Bike Magazine

Dirt Rider Magazine

Dirt Wheels Magazine


Honda Red Rider

Motorcycle Consumer News

Racer X Illustrated


Side x Side Action Magazine


Torco Oil