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Pitch Stability Testing

DPS Technical has implemented a larger Pitch Stability “Tip Table” for measurement of ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) and the larger ROV (Recreational Off Highway Vehicles) pitch stability.

This test method uses an ANSI recognized engineering test to help vehicle and accessory manufacturers determine vehicle stability on inclines and with various accessory components.

Motorcycle Noise

w-Chemhelp-3For many communities excessive sound from motorcycles and other vehicles is a problem.  This website is intended to give resources for vehicle noise control.  The growing popularity of motorcycles, both on road and off road, and recreational vehicles such as ATV’s and watercraft, have necessitated attention on minimizing the unwanted sound from these vehicles.

DPS Inc. is very involved in helping to minimize unwanted sound or nuisance noise from vehicles. We are internationally recognized for our efforts to minimize the disturbance from unwanted vehicle sound and our activities to study, educate, and assist in regulation enforcement programs.

We are well qualified to perform vehicle sound measurement for vehicle manufacturers, muffler manufacturers and to perform field sound measurements in communities and at recreational facilities such as racetracks or off highway riding areas.  We frequently work in close association with our clients’ acoustical teams in developing methods for noise control.

DPS Inc. has a recognized training curriculum for vehicle sound measurement for civilians to assist in sporting event vehicle sound reduction for sporting regulation enforcement.

DPS Inc. has a recognized training program for land managers and the law enforcement community.  This training program often qualifies for POST training credit.


Technical Inspector & Civilians, Land Managers & Law Enforcement Instructional & Informational Video Regulatory Assistance

Equipment Information

  • Sound Meters Type 1 & Type 2
  • Calibration
  • Equipment selection

Field Services & Testing

  • Outreach
  • Acoustical services
  • Motorcycle stationary & pass by testing
  • Exhaust system testing

Products & Services

Equipment is available for purchase & rental.  We can recommend equipment and have an equipment rental program.

DPS Technical Sound Testing Projects for 2013

DPS Technical, Inc.

Our services have continued to expand since our founding in 1995.

In 2004 we relocated from our former location at the Rialto Airport Speedway to our present Upland, California facility.

Our corporate office is centrally located nearLos Angeles, at the Cable Business Park within Cable Airport in Upland, CA — the largest privately owned airport in the world.

Our facilities permit us to test vehicles, components and brakes as well as doing sophisticated sound and illumination testing.

Our vast experience and reputation specifically with motorcycles and small personal and sport transportation vehicles are a tool that can be utilized to provide well qualified physical vehicle testing and inspections.

Our well qualified staff members are available to provide dedicated technical support in field activities, ranging from media interaction, consumer support and vehicle display operations and mechanical surveillance.

Moreover, our mobile forensics unit allows us to operate in the field to investigate and document acoustic levels, collision scenes and accident sites while having full panoply of film, photographic, GPS and other technical services that are specifically tailored for motorcycles and other personal transportation vehicles.

Please do not hesitate to contact me personally if we can be of service.


Chris F. Real, CLS
DPS Technical, Inc.