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Engine Control Module (ECM) Recalibration

For many years DPS Technical, Inc. has been your trackside support provider for you and your Honda CRF 250R and CRF 450R motorcycles for Amateur Motocross and other forms of racing.

With corporate budgets being realigned it has been difficult for us to be able to help you trackside at as many races as in the past.

To continue to be a resource to you and to keep your fuel injected Honda CRF 250R & CRF 450R motorcycles running at top performance we are offering to provide an Engine Control Module re calibration “Mapping” service to you.  We can adjust your racing ECM module “Map” to match your racetrack, riding style, fuel selection and motorcycle modifications.

Re calibrating your ECM is the best way to get the power adjusted to fit your riding style, home track, fuel and engine modifications.  We have in excess of thirty years in the racing community and understand the needs of the racer — our results are well proven.

We offer fast turn around and free Priority Mail return shipping.

DPS Technical does not re calibrate other models of vehicles.

ECM Setup Sheet

ECM Removal Instructions

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Notice: DPS Technical, Inc. is an independent organization providing specialized services to the motorsports community.
This racing service is NOT part of American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

ECM Setup Sheet

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1) Select year and model of your Honda CRF motorcycle: *

2) Complete these sentences:

The tuning would be great if the bike did the following better: *
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4) Complete these:

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3) Special power delivery requests: *
5) Rider performance level: *
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6) Type of Track: *
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7) Any stalling experienced? *
If yes, confirm: Idle (Recommended idle when hot: 1,800-2000 RPM)
Does the bike have an Automatic Clutch? *
8) Does bike have an aftermarket exhaust? *
Does the bike backfire? *
9) Does the “kill button” light blink when the engine is running? *
If yes, how many times does it blink?
10) Is the engine modified? *
If yes, what has been done?
11) Is this the original Electronic Control Module (ECM)? *

Once submitted, you will be taken to our DPS Store for payment. Your card will not be charged until we receive your ECM.