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2019 & 2020, NOHVCC webinar series, Dirt Bike Test, Tech Talk Taco Tuesday and others.

Media Support

 Media support

Resources & Media

We have a long history of contributing to the public with our outreach and media activities. Historically we have provided insight to safety with fuels and recreational vehicles, Spark arresters, muffler testing, vehicle sound control, vehicle stability and environmental stewardship.

Many of the published reprints are archived in the media resource segment. With media evolving to webinars and podcasts, our public media section includes a segment of links to our digital involvement.

In our Client resource library we have supplied overviews related to technical papers, noise studies, test standards, testing methodology, sound measuring equipment  guidance, mitigation and enforcement strategies including code enforcement and evidence level measurement methodology.

This library requires a subscription and approval to utilize.

Informational Resources

  • Chainsaw Fuel Geysering – Fuel Pressure and Heat
  • Tech Talk Taco Tuesday – Hanging out with Jimmy Lewis – Dirt Bike Test – talking Fuels and History, Vehicle Certification –do you want a number plate or a license plate?
  • Adventure Rider Radio – Gasoline, Pain at the Pump
  • NOHVCC – Sound Management for Noise Control
  • NOHVCC – Spark Arresters, Past Present and Future
  • World Surf League – Big Waves, small villages and clean oceans Environmental Protection and cultural adjustments – On assignment with the World Surf League and the Tahitian Water Patrol.



Technical Presentations

Portland, Oregon – March 2004

Chris Real presented an educational environmental topic to the nation’s land managers in Portland, Oregon.  The presentation addressed issues such as “Safe Chemical Disposal and the Off-Highway Environment”, “Race Day Chemical Disposal”, and “OHV Sound Measurement Equipment and Training”.  The ChemHelp / National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) workshop handout is available by contacting Chris Real at DPS, Inc – ChemHelp – www.ChemHelp.com or (909) 981-5228.  DPS, Inc. will be hosting a technical discussion sound training class and demonstration at the NOHVCC director’s meeting in Richfield, Utah 09/30/2004, the Richfield ATV Jamboree, and at the 2005 NOHVCC land manager’s conference (03/05) in Ontario, CA.