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WEBINAR: Noise Control and Management Basics – June 25, 2019

NOHVCC Webinar Series June 25, 2019
Title: Vehicle Noise Control and Management Basics

When: June 25, 2019

Times: 5:00 PM PST (8:00 PM EDT)

Cost: FREE!

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Chris Real from DPS Technical, Inc. will present Vehicle Noise Control and Management Basics as vehicle technology is evolving and motorized recreation areas have the constant pressure of managing multiple aspects of environmental protection and multiple uses. Unwanted sound or NOISE is a primary topic whenever vehicles are part of the recreational environment. The presentation will provide an overview of sound control strategies including field sound testing measurement methodologies, sound measuring instruments and regulatory challenges. This presentation will discuss vehicle designs, primarily off-highway vehicles, and for completeness, a brief overview of on-highway vehicles will be reviewed as well as muffler designs and Spark Arresters. This webinar is the first in a multi-part series that will give the foundation for new field and management staff as well as a refresher for experienced staff.

Presenters include all NOHVCC staff:

Chris Real, DPS Technical, Inc.

Chris Real is a long-standing member of the specialty vehicle and technical community. As a fifty-year vehicle development specialist, he is a recognized for vehicle testing and development programs ranging from new vehicle certification level testing and as a regulatory agency expert specializing in the specialty vehicle segment.  His firm DPS Technical, Inc., consults and provides environmental protection services for numerous international activities and law enforcement agencies and event sanctioning bodies.

Duane Taylor, Executive Director, NOHVCC

Any questions should be directed to Future webinars will likely focus on engaging land managers, effective OHV websites, and more! Please keep an eye on NOHVCC’s website (and on your emails) as we will be providing more information as additional webinars are scheduled.


AMA Sound Testing Kits Available

Deadline is March 31, 2018!

2013 Billabong Pro


Environmental Outreach Summary 2009-2013
Billabong Pro –Teahupoo, Tahiti


Tahiti Surfing Contest – Environmental Activity Summary

Each year Chris Real from DPS Technical in conjunction with the event management staff performs an environmentally responsible activity during the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Billlabong Pro & Von Zipper Trials in Teahupoo, Tahiti. This helps the community and we enjoy being the “good guys”.

Community Action Overview

 In 2009 & 2010 we did a general area clean up and collected used oil / paint and recyclable materials at the various places to prevent hydrocarbon contamination of the lagoon. (Hydrocarbons are linked to cancer and sea life damage, additionally they are a fire safety concern.)

Tahiti_generator Tahiti_electronicsIn 2011 & 2012 with the help of Jimmy Mawrr and Paul Scott we completed redirecting and balancing the electrical power lines in the webcast and other buildings, thus minimizing fire risk and overall power consumption. (The attention to detail has prevented some power black outs and lowered the electrocution risk.)

In 2011 an extreme swell hit during the contest.

The “Code Red” conditions resulted in many of the waterfront areas being flooded.

We take pride in knowing that our proactive cleanup activities were directly responsible for minimizing pollution, as many of the environmentally hazardous materials had been removed.

In 2011 & 2012 the locals helped us do a lead battery cleanup.Tahiti_batteries1 Tahiti_batteries

We were able to take in excess of 2,000 pounds of lead and used batteries to the recycling point at the marina.

Our actions have kept a known toxin from contaminating the food chain. (Lead is linked to reproductive harm in humans and is damaging to the food chain.)

Tahiti_plastic Tahiti_recycleFor 2013 we placed aluminum and plastic “can crushers” and beverage container recycling points around Teahupoo.  The container crushers minimized the physical bulk of the beverage containers and also made it easier for recycling collection.  When the containers are crushed they take up less area in landfills and do not float, this is a benefit.

What is in the future?

Billabong_recycles1We are committed to being good citizens’ so stay tuned!


Chris Real, CLS
President, DPS Technical, Inc.


Sound Measuring Equipment

DPS Technical supports responsible OHV recreation and believes that excessive sound levels are a main cause of complaints against the sport.

Since 2004 DPS Technical, Inc. has supplied equipment and training for hundreds of OHV law enforcement officers and civilians throughout North America and these dedicated individuals perform sound level tests when possible.

A need for more citizen involvement in voluntary OHV testing has been identified. To remedy the lack of equipment for citizens to provide voluntary OHV sound level testing, DPS is implementing a Sound Testing Equipment Kit Program.  The testing kit includes a Calibrated Type ll sound meter, tachometer, tape measure, storage box and other items necessary to perform spark arrestor inspections, or the SAE 1287 OHV field sound test or the SAE 2825 On Highway Motorcycle sound test procedure.

For further information on the program or to apply contact DPS Technical, Inc. – Chris Real at (909) 981-5228.

DPS Technical also has sound measurement training classes for civilians and law enforcement personnel. Many of the classes are held under contract and sponsored by The State of California OHV Division. To receive information on our training schedule in your area contact DPS Technical for details.

Chris Real, CLS   President
DPS Technical, Inc.
1160 Dewey Way, Suite D
Upland, CA 91786
(909) 981-5228 T

Development of the J2835 On-Highway Motorcycle Sound Test Procedure

motorcycle-industry-council-logo1The MIC, MIC consultant Tom Austin (Sierra Research), MIC member Chris Real (DPS Technical, Inc.), and SAE Motorcycle Technical Steering Committee Chairman John Lenkeit (Dynamic Research Inc.) co-authored a paper on the development of the SAE J2825 on-highway stationary sound test procedure. The SAE published the paper, which was presented at the 2011 SAE Noise and Vibration Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan on May 17th. The 14-page paper details the field testing, data analysis, evaluation of test site conditions, validation testing and even field testing.

In response to a growing need for a practical and technically valid method for measuring exhaust sound pressure levels (SPL) of on-highway motorcycles, the SAE Motorcycle Technical Steering Committee has developed Surface Vehicle Recommended Practice J28251, “Measurement of Exhaust Sound Pressure Levels of Stationary On-Highway Motorcycles,” which includes a new stationary sound test procedure and recommendations for limit values. Key goals of the development process included: minimal equipment requirements, ease of implementation by non-technical personnel, and consistency with the federal EPA requirements; in particular, vehicles compliant with the EPA requirements should not fail when assessed using J2825. Development of the recommended practice involved a comprehensive field study of 25 motorcycles and 76 different exhaust systems, ranging from relatively quiet OEM systems to unbaffled, aftermarket exhaust systems. For the various motorcycle/exhaust system configurations, SPL measurements were made using the EPA pass-by procedure and several different stationary measurement methods.