About Us

Founded in 1995, DPS Technical is a professional technical services firm specializing in the special purpose segment of the motorized community.

Our expertise related to vehicle noise control for specialty vehicles such as motorcycles has given us the proven reputation of understanding the challenges as well as finding a solution to minimizing the impact and disturbance of sound.

Our firm provides focused methodology for measuring the sound of individual vehicles as well as for facilities such as racetracks and communities. These services complement our inspection, environmental and sound related activities.

For individual vehicle sound measurements we have recognized training for screening individual vehicles at a civilian “Technical Inspector” level as well as at a “Law Enforcement” level where evidence gathering precision is required for regulatory code enforcement. (Our vehicle sound control focus is covered in detail on our noise vehicle Noise website.

Our services range from data gathering related to specific sources, such as sound from vehicles and specific attributes related to vehicles such as required components that pertain to Federal requirements.

We have a comprehensive portfolio that is specific to vehicle compliance and exhaust systems as well as services for vehicle manufacturers and importing distributors and site managers.


Chris F. Real
President,  DPS Technical, Inc.

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